Ozzy Sanchez, LCSW

Founder, Psychotherapist

Ozzy truly believes that you can be better and that you can achieve your goals. "Change is not only possible it is always present" Ozzy knows that by changing your perception and daily habits you can create the person that you want to be and it should not be a struggle to get there. He believes in appreciating yourself the way you are right now and making small changes consistently to get you to a better you.


Ozzy has been doing psychotherapy since 1999. He has worked with young children, senior citizens and all ages in between. He is experienced in dealing with emotional, psychological and behavioral issues and he is also a certified trainer in family counseling.


Corinne G Pecile, LCSW

Clinical Director, Psychotherapist

Anxiety and depression are real. They can lead to a person feeling overwhelmed, isolated, unmotivated, scared and unsure. By reaching out for help you are taking the first step toward managing your specific symptoms. When I work with a client we discover genuine changes that can be easily implemented to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


You deserve a life that lights you up and feels good to you. You deserve to have someone on your team that inspires and guides you while honoring your individuality.


I am dedicated to my clients and their healing process.


Julie L Wien, LCSW

Lead Clinician, Special Education Advocate

Do you often feel dissatisfied in your life? Do you have difficulty communicating your feelings and needs to others? Perhaps anxiety and depression are getting in your way of a happier existence. My style is interactive, compassionate, and non-judgmental. I aim to help you discover and activate your personal resources that you already possess. I do everything possible to create a safe environment. Together we can then help you to gain the courage to take risks in pursuit of a happier, more liberating life because people are not defined by a diagnosis or demographic, I don't specialize-I individualize.


Employing active listening skills allow patients to feel safe and comfortable in a warm nurturing environment. Some of my of the conditions I treat include infertility, depression, women's health, divorce, adolescents, ADHD, eating disorders, bullying-school/ work, parenting training, autism, pregnancy loss, and chronic medical conditions.


My style is interactive, compassionate, and non-judgmental. I aim to help you discover and activate your personal resources that you already have. I would love the opportunity to work with you to achieve your personal growth and acceptance. I incorporate many strategies in my tool-box and employ my clients the necessary skills to achieve their goals.


Dr. Joseph Siragusa

Psychiatrist, MD

I am a board certified Psychiatrist with years of experience. What makes me unique is that I utilize a multidisciplinary approach when treating each patient/client, taking into account multiple variables and tailoring treatment accordingly. While I do have some areas of particular interest, there is nothing under the umbrella of mental health that I feel uncomfortable treating. Most patients find me to be down to earth, relatable, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Furthermore, I do my best to stay up to date on the current treatment options/medications/modalities and incorporate lifestyle changes/improvements at all times.


My areas of special interest are addiction, OCD, personality disorders, educational impairment, autism, and anxiety.


My practice is located within a residence, so it provides an exceptionally comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and privacy. I also closely collaborate with several psychologists and therapists in Bergen County. They are practitioners who have a similar understanding and approach to mental health treatment.